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    In 1963, winemakers in Gard, France, founded "Vignoble & Company", a joint company of highly motivated colleagues, aiming for the prosperity of wine in the Rhone Valley region.

    In 1963, winemakers in Gard, France, aim for the prosperity of wines in the Rhone Valley region.

    Established a joint company "Vignoble & Company" where highly motivated friends gather.

    The members who founded this "company" were to further improve the great terroir of the Rhone Valley.

    Increasing our partner winemakers for more than half a century to make new discoveries

    We have been committed to supporting them.

    Located near the famous Pont du Gard bridge, the building is a well-known Brazilian architect.

    Built in the 1960s in a style inspired by Oscar Niemeyer

    The fact that it is still used by the staff of Vignoble & Company shows how old the company is.

    The strategic location, located at the intersection of three large wine-growing areas, is where the team is at the center of its activities.

    It allows us to reach out to our partner winemakers, who have been trusted for years, on a daily basis.

    Vignoble & Company develops small family-owned estates with long-term support,

    We promise to work with winemakers while supporting the future in the long run.

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